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Rehoming is an effort by Russian Blue breeders and lovers to find loving permanent homes for Russian Blues that can no longer stay with their current owners for one reason or another. These are pedigreed Russian Blues who normally do NOT reside in shelters, but are still looking for that special someone to call their own.  Please note we are limited to helping only in North America.

California  - San Jose:  Boone is a 2 year old male, neutered and not declawed, and he is in search of a new home.  His owners are very sorry to part with him, but Boone is not happy with the new baby that recently joined the family.  Boone is currently being fostered with his breeder where he has been very well behaved and is happy to meet prospective new owners.  He is a CFA registered Russian Blue and his only special need is a daily dose of cosequin.  If you can provide Boone a new home, contact Rick at

*note from breeder he's housed with - now that this sweet boy has settled down in my house, it's quite apparent that he was so very well loved in his home - he's a sweet teddy bear murshball - I've renamed him Theodore Boone, so I can call him Teddy. =^_____^= (His registered CFA name is Zshe Tem Lyric. He was born May 25, 2005.) This cat needs a new home that is nice and quiet and
stable, with no intentions of bringing in any other pets, and definitely NO babies!!! While he gets along well with the other cats here, I still suspect deep-seated territorial issues that would cause him to be best served by being the only pet in the house, so that is what I'm insisting on. I want his next home to be a forever home.


Colorado - Denver:  Diva is a 4 year old spayed and non-declawed CFA Registered Russian Blue.  She is true to her name in that she doesn't get along with other animals.  A loving girl - she needs a home where she is the only pet.  She has no other special needs.  If you want to give Diva a home, contact Chris and Karen Mohr at or 303-986-2022.


Minnesota - Ramsey:  Nicholas is a CFA registered 14 year old neutered non-declawed Russian Blue in need of a new home.  His only request is it be a quiet home with no other pets or small children.  He is looking for his forever retirement home where his laid back demeanor can be matched.  If you feel Nicholas is perfect for your home - contact Debbie at: or 763-753-3634


Oklahoma - Tulsa:  Geddy is a 7 year old neutered and non-declawed CFA and TICA Registered Russian Blue in need of a new home.  His current family feels he is too stressed living with two small children and a dog.  They would like to rehome him as soon as possible into a quiet home where he could be the center and focus of attention.  He does have the special need of eating mostly canned food.  If you feel you can give Geddy this special forever home - please contact Nichole at


You are welcome to email us at to inquire about other Russian Blues needing rehoming.

You may also check out our retired and look alike pages to see if any cats are available there.

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